Universe Reinvented

So after a month or so Meguca aired and I have to say

Damn, 11 was just badass and 12 was just satisfying. Didn’t see that stuff coming, really, but it’s only good.

After all that depression Madoka still becomes a magical girl. She wished that the witches never existed and she became a goddess… No actually a force of nature. Walrusburger is beaten and in the end Madoka had enough power to create a new world or to destroy one. Homura was pretty upset of this because when Madoka became a force of nature she had no hope to see her loved ones and vise versa. Madoka comforts Homura and tells that she’ll be there by her side always although she can’t see her. She gives her ribbons to Homura and says these aren’t goodbyes.

Life returns to normal. Although witches don’t exist anymore there is still a balance. Some sort of magical beasts that look like monks.

Homura walking in nowhere. A mass of magical beasts in her way. Madoka whispers “Do your best”, and Homura smiles. She jumps in the air and spreads dark wings…

Dog Days

First aired April 2nd and produced by Aniplex and animated by Seven Arcs, Dog Days is a fantasy themed anime with a slice of humor. It’s full of kemonomimis and peaceful warfare so it’s some light entertainment. (I really like the OP song)

Our main character is Shinku Izumi, a joyful athlete (but he’s more ninja in my opinion) and a half Japanese and a half English boy. On a seemingly normal day he gets summoned to an alternate world called Fronyald. The world doesn’t differ much from normal except the habitants have animal ears and tails and the lifestyle seems a bit old-fashioned.

There he meets a cute girl who introduces herself as Millhiore Filiano Biscotti, the feudal lord of the Republic of Biscotti’s Filianno Territory (she has doggy ears).

So far this doesn’t ring my bells or anything but wait, there’s more!

Millhiore tells Shinku that she has summoned him as a “Hero” to fight by their side against their neighboring country (who are cat people).

First I think how ridiculous it is to summon a Hero who is a young boy and knows only about gymnastics and such. There’s a catch though.

It is soon revealed that the wars fought in Fronyald are fought in good manners and in a spirit of sports and that there are no fatal injuries nor death involved.

The enemies will be defeated by knocking them unconscious or touching their head or back with your palm. Success in this will turn your enemies into fur balls for a while making them unable to do anything that time. Shinku agrees and becomes the Hero (since he thinks it’s all looking SO FUN!).

His gear is prepared and he enters the on-going fight. He shows off some mad skills and defeats his enemies fast and smooth. Although he fights well, I wished that he wouldn’t do so much of the “I’m-summoned-by-princess-and-am-going-to-fight-with-honor-blah-blah-blah” *wannabe cool moves and pole tricks*.

Shinku meets Eclair, the captain of the Imperial Guardian Knights. While Shinku acts all nice-and-smile towards Eclair, she doesn’t really seem to like him. Eclair teaches Shinku about how to use beam things (some magical powers from you soul and stuff).

Next up is a fight against the leader of kitty cats, Leonmichelle who appears to be a really good fighter. I mean really. By teamwork of Shinku and Eclair, Leonmichelle is defeated and she surrenders.

In the end of episode 2, it is revealed that Shinku can’t go back to his own world and that is the major reason to why heroes aren’t summoned so often. Millhoire didn’t know about this and hilarity ensues.

So far, I’ve enjoyed Dog Days. I’d recommend for the kemonomimi fans. Still the story part doesn’t seem so wonderful and sometimes it’s a bit childish and colorful but I can still keep watching it.

(My first review on anime too)

Still waiting to see the last Madoka Magica episodes so in meanwhile I’ll enjoy this.

Late Happy Birthday To Erica Hartmann

Happy Birthday to you Erica Hartmann! (Dammit so busy!)



I can’t remember.

The End of Suffering

Tomorrow, April 22nd 2:40am Japan Time, the two last episodes of Madoka Magica will air. Excitement in the air. What will Homu Homu do?